blissful-indigo said: Hi, on the slaved poster set you released, the images are reversed on the slaved posters so any recolors that have text on them appear backwards. Is there a possible fix for that?

I hadn’t realized that there was an issue.  I took a look at them and it seems it was only The Lady is Surfing that was reversed.  Appears to be an issue with The Lady on Red image.  I poked at it and it’s been fixed (easier than I thought it might be!)  Here is the fixed file for the LadyIsSurfing, just let them copy over the originals. Main upload for all files has also been updated with new files.  


Sorry about the problem, thank you for letting me know.


The incoming Freshman class at Academie Le Tour’s Casteroff Dorms by ndainye


The incoming Freshman class at Academie Le Tour’s Casteroff Dorms by ndainye


Pleasant Round 1 Summer Part 3

Beyond friendships we’ve got the twins boyfriend situations.  Really Lil in front of your grand parents?  Neither of the girls seem to be that supervised when it comes to boys in the house. But they seem to be more sensible in that area than their father is.  Lillith denied David Ottomas his first kiss, she’s not going there with Dirk watching.

Of the actual Pleasant family Angela is the only one with any cooking skill.  We can’t rely on Mom for meals.  Thank goodness there’s Grandma, she gets up early and whips up pancakes for the household and always makes sure that your friends have a good lunch when they visit. 

Dad, well Dad may be in the Hall of Fame but you don’t want him serving your friends lunch.  Not only will he burn the hotdogs but he’s so embarrassing, really Daniel?  Grandpa doesn’t cook but he’s the everyone’s go to guy for advice, especially romantic advice.


Pleasant Round 1 Summer Part 2

Coral has taken Lillith in hand and is helping her to raise her grades.

While, Angela and Lillith can have civil conversations on occasion, I try to keep them separated as much as possible.  Xing out all of the attacks and slaps and fights.  My goal is to have them not enemies by the time they leave for college.   I can generally accomplish that goal.  

They are both making their own circles of friends.  Angela finds she has a lot in common with Sophia Baldwin, while Lillith is more drawn to Ophelia Nigmos.  Of course neither Angela nor Lillith try very hard to get along with their twins friends.


Pleasant Round 1 Summer Part 1

The Pleasant home needed to have some major reconstruction done to it.  The upstairs was pretty much rebuilt giving room for Daniel and Mary-Sue’s bedroom to be moved.  A garage was added with a small apartment on top that connects to the main house.  The apartment is for Herb and Coral Oldie to live in.  The Oldies moving in is a mutual help thing, Mary-Sue can keep an eye on her parents now that they are getting up there and the Grandparents can take the girls in hand now that their Mother has gone back to work full time.  I move them in mainly so that the girls have someone that will understand them, or at least accept that they don’t understand them while not trying to change them.  That’s what Grandparents are for after all.

Before we get to teen issues lets see the adult drama play out.

Kaylynn stayed late after work, but other than a few flirts with Daniel nothing much happened.  Mary-Sue didn’t catch them in any compromising position.  In fact it was Kaylynn that had the eye opener.  After Mary-Sue came home from work she and Daniel slipped upstairs for some alone time and Kaylynn was furious about it.  To add insult to injury Mary-Sue attempted to give Kaylynn some advice, “You need to grow up Kaylynn, find a man who isn’t married, isn’t in a relationship.  Only in story books do men leave their wives for the maid.”


Burb Round 1 Summer Part 2

Lucy Burb is ready to be a teenager and the extended Pleasant family is invited over to help celebrate the big event.  Family gatherings aren’t always peaceful especially with twin cousins that seem to hate each other.  The party must go on though and Lucy successfully makes it to the cake and becomes a family sim just like her Dad.  She’s so much like her father that she even rolled the same LTW.  They both want to be Captain Hero.

Late that same evening Jennifer gives birth to second child, named Tiffany for John’s mother.  Now Jenn can get back to work, she wants to climb the architect career ladder quickly.

Lucy’s early afternoon catches her parents by surprise much to her  disgust.   Before ending the round Lucy meets Tank Grunt.  They don’t have much in common but she’s a new family sim and really needs to get her flirt on, but only after showing him who’s boss.


Burb Round 1 Summer Part 1

Next up in our tour of Pleasantview are the Burbs.  John, Jennifer and Lucy moved into the awkward house at 225 Main Street.  The home was quickly remodeled to allow a bit more space on the second floor.  John and Jenn seem to be getting along quite well since their move back home, and have decided that it’s a perfect time to have that second Baby that John’s been desperately wanting. 

Little Lucy is not quite as happy about leaving all her friends but soon found a new one.  Lucy and Sally Riley have pledged to be Best Friends Forever and Ever.  But when Sally isn’t around Lucy tends to spend time by herself, playing video games or with her dollhouse.  Mom and Dad are way too busy planning for the new baby to spend much time with her.

Jenn doesn’t seem as pleased about the baby now that she’s gained a bit of weight, but John continues to be excited enough for both of them.



So, I tried to run an ARR’ed version of Sims 4 last night, just to see what all the fuss is about. It didn’t work immediately, so after 10 minutes I just went “eh, fuck it” and gave up. Maybe I’ll try again later, but I’m really not that hyped about it. Perhaps if they make an awesome Generations…

I think you hit on it, and said it much better than I could.  Thank You!

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Dreamer Round 1 Summer Part 2

While Darren was being a bit reclusive and maybe a bit hovering, Dirk was all about friends.  Dirk was over-achieving in all areas, soaring to the top of his teen job, getting into private school and being one of the more popular teens in the hood.  

Almost every afternoon Dirk would drag someone home from school or work.  By Friday he’d made enough friends to warrant a small party.  Darren was at work so the teens could hang out order pizza and chill.

Things went fairly well most of the night.  There was a brief moment while Dustin was distracted by my favorite ship for him (Ginger Newson) and didn’t keep pay attention to Angela.  Angela used that window to attack her sister.  In my game it’s always Angela that starts things and almost always Lillith that finishes them.

Dirk congratulated his girlfriend on winning the battle and the two celebrated in his father’s bed.


Dreamer Round 1 Summer Part 1

The Summer at the Dreamers was much more about Dirk than it was about Darren.  Darren was not at all interested in following his cannon story line, he had no interest in art and instead wanted to be a doctor.  Perhaps he had heard that Cassandra was interested in Doctors?  

As for Cassandra when the two of them were thrown together during an outing they didn’t have much to say to each other.  For me it was more interesting watching Mary-Sue order the most expensive thing on the menu while dining with one of the poorest families in town. 

Darren did make various friends during the rotation.  His boss from work, Circe, invited herself and her husband over.  Perhaps there was some scheme there, Circe generally isn’t friendly with people for no reason.  Darren did meet one lady whom he was kinda interested in but other than a few quick flirts he didn’t push the relationship.

All in all Darren preferred spending time with his telescope more than spending time with people.  That chair looks just like the one he was forced to sell in order to pay bills, hmm maybe he could get it back.